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Towbar Fitting

Northeast Towbars offer a professional installation service.

Arranged at your home or workplace, within a 25 mile radius of our workshop in Hartlepool TS25 1PD.

 All work is fully guaranteed.

We can fit either Fixed Flange, Fixed Swan neck or Detachable Swan neck towbars, with either 7 pin, twin electrics or 13 pin electrics.

We can also fit with vehicle specific electrics and coded, this integrates with the vehicles electrical system.

We can also fit with Ball & Pin Coupling for commercial vehicles and we also have tow-steps in stock.


Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser

We are TASSA approved installers for the Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser.

The Ghost is the original after market CANbus immobiliser.

Protects your vehicle like nothing else on the market today.

The Ghost II Immobiliser starts from £499 fitted. 

The Ghost protects your vehicle from key cloning, hacking and even key theft.

It has no key fobs or LED indications to give away its location, it uses the buttons in your vehicle such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console to allow you to make a unique and changeable disarm sequence from 4 to 20 presses long. 

The vehicle will not start without this sequence. 


Scorpion Trackers


The Scorpion S7 Tracker is a Thatcham approved tracker that protects your vehicle against unauthorised movement.

24/7/365 Theft monitoring by Scorpions dedicated UK based monitoring team.

Tow away alerts.

4G enabled for superior tracking abilities.

Scorpion S7 £329 Fitted

The Scorpion S5 has all the features of the S7 and the added security of the ADR movement tags.

If the vehicle is moved without the tag present it alerts the Scorpion monitoring centre, who start recovery.

Scorpion S5 £449 Fitted

You can add also Remote Immobilisation to this option. £50 extra.


The Scorpion Trackers have a subscription (not included) to pay monthly/yearly. 

S7 £12.49 Monthly

S5 £13.49 Monthly


Mobile Tow-Bar Fitting 

Prices start from £380 for a fixed towbar with 7 pin electrics.

We can also fit with twin or 13 pin electrics.

  We can fit with dedicated vehicle specific electrics and coding, this integrates with your vehicles electrical system. 

Some vehicle warranties require you to get dedicated electrics.


Rear Parking Sensors 

Rear parking sensors from Parksafe, supplied & fitted in Gloss Black for £190.

Front Parking Sensors supplied & fitted in Gloss Black £220.

 £30 extra for colour coded to match your vehicle. 

With 4 stage Audible Buzzer. 


Scorpion S7 Trackers 

We are an authorised installer for the Scorpion Thatcham Approved Trackers.

Scorpion S7 tracker supplied & fitted for £329.

Yearly subscription £139. 

Will know the exact location of your vehicle in real time. Provides security & peace of mind for your vehicle. 

Scorpion S5  tracker supplied & fitted for £449.

This has the added ADR movement tags.

You can also add on the remote immobilisation option for £50 extra. 

 Yearly subscription £155, or £13.49 monthly. 

Tow away and tamper alerts. 

24/7/365 Theft monitoring by Thatchams UK based monitoring team.

Suitable for 12V or 24V vehicles.

 3 year warranty.

Mobile App IOS and Android. 


Beacons & Lightbars 

We can supply & fit beacons, lightbars, marker lights and strobes to all vehicles.

Prices start from £120 to supply & fit a LAP mini Lightbar, Beacon or Strobes.

We also fit auxiliary lighting to vehicles too. 

LED Strobes start from £160 for 2 supplied and fitted or £280 for 4 fitted.

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Autowatch CANbus Alarm

We are TASSA accredited installers for Autowatch. 

The Autowatch 695CAN alarm is a Thatcham approved CAT 2-1 upgrade alarm system.

This system is designed to be easily operated from the vehicles original remote controls without the use of an additional remote.

From £550 Supplied & fitted.



Vehicle Security 

Van deadlocks supplied & fitted from £190 per lock.

The deadlock is a mechanical locking system with high security external key, providing extra security for your vehicle.

We can also fit Hook Locks, Slam Locks and  Anti-Peel kits for vans.

Scorpion X-Series CanBus Immobiliser 

Scorpion X-Series CanBus Immobiliser supplied & fitted £399.

Provides a high level security for your vehicle.

This has a unique & changeable PIN that you have to enter to enable the vehicle to start. 

Undetectable protection against theft.

Valet mode.

You can add on a Scorpion Thatcham approved tracker at the same time.  

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GHOST II Immobiliser 

From £499

We are authorised fitting partners for the Autowatch GHOST II CanBus Immobiliser. 

This TASSA approved undetectable immobiliser is from £499 supplied & fitted. 


Protects your vehicle like nothing else on the market. 

It’s undetectable with no transmitted radio frequencies. 

Disarm sequence via buttons on steering wheel/dash.

 Protects against key cloning & relay theft.

The only way a thief could take a Ghost protected car is by physically towing it away, even then they would never be able to drive it.

It has no subscription costs.

It also has a Service/Valet mode.

And it has unique emergency code, should the PIN Sequence be forgotten.

We can also add the Scorpion S7 Tracker for £120 if fitted at the same time.

Or the S5 Tracker for £250 extra, this has the added ADR movement tags.  

  • Auto electrician & Vehicle Security

We cover a 25 mile radius around our unit in Hartlepool TS25 1PD


Autowatch GHOST II Immobiliser

 Parking Sensors

Scorpion Thatcham Trackers




Car & Motorhome Alarms

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat & Sun Closed 


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Unit 22 Hartlepool Workshops,

Usworth Road,

Hartlepool TS25 1PD

Limited Company No. 14388618

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